How To Use Alight Motion Mod Apk

Alight motion Mod Apk Download is one of the best video editing applications in the present market. Alight Motion application is a professional video editing app compared to all other video editing apps, it helps to edit images, videos, and animation.

However Alight motion is user-friendly and it has numerous features. It can be used without any technical knowledge about video editing.

But many peoples have common doubt is “How To Use Alight Motion Mod Apk”. The below information helps with how to use the alight motion application

Alight Motion Quick Start guide

In the Alight motion Mod Apk, we can edit photos, animation, and videos, (a basic video editing) Following tips are going to help how we can edit the videos using alight motion ask in an effective manner

  • First, ensure whether you download and install the Alight motion app on your mobile phone.
  • Before editing any images or videos, first, we have to store them on a mobile device.
  • Click to the alight motion application and click on ‘choose file’ and select the path of the image or video and click on the video or image which you want to edit.
  • After selecting images or videos next step is to edit the photos or videos according to our requirement
  • The next step is to crop the images according to our requirement
  • After that next click on the library and apply filters that appeals to you the most keep in mind that you can apply filters to each photo or on all photo at once
  • After applying the filter next, you can write or paste the text that you want to overlay on your image. (You can write text for individual photos by creating different layers)
  • Element such as stickers, emoji, and other elements if we need, if we can add
  • Before exporting the image, please review the image once
  • The next step is exporting images or videos
  • Videos or images can export mp4 in HD quality
  • Congratulations your video is ready you can share your video with your families and friends.

Elements in alight motion

For creating an attractive video, we need elements, elements play a vital role in editing videos elements are reusable components, similar to groups.

Why We are discussing elements here?

Because as we discussed for creating a creative video we need elements, it does not only help to create amazing videos but it also helps to save things for future use like we can save layers, music, stickers, etc.

One of the best features that alight motion has inbuilt is we can send the saved elements to others. In the same way, we can alert or customize our elements without changing the original elements

More To Get With The Alight Motion App

Alight motion App is one of the best alternatives for editing videos on your smartphone. It can provide you with an accessible and quickly assessable platform where we can use add up-date customize different visual effects and create videos animations, transitions, motion graphics, velocity edits, and much more

Why We Like In Alight Motion

The Alight motion has different features that can lead to creating an amazing video. Here are some top reasons why we like Alight motion

  • It is easy to use and user friendly
  • You can use ‘n’ number of elements
  • We can save and share favor elements for future use
  • Alight Motion has very responsive customer supportive

Which Reason We Don’t Like Alight Motion

Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages, here are some downsides of Alight Motion

  • That tiles effects create an issue sometimes
  • The key frame concept confuses the new user
  • Some features are restricted without paying


  1. Is the Alight motion App For beginners?

  • Yes, the Alight Motion app is user-friendly even without technical knowledge
  1. How To use Alight Motion?

  • It is very simple to use Alight Motion, just open the app -add images, filters, and text after review export the video
  1. What is the primary use of Alight Motion?

  • The main purpose of the alight motion is to edit the videos, animation, graphics, and images in effective manners
  1. How Can I add Media to Alight motion?

  • Open the app click on add media and select the media.

Final words

Alight Motion is the current top Video editing app due to various inbuilt features. In final words through the above information, you can able to know how we can use the Alight Motion Apk and some things about motions and advantages and disadvantages of the Alight motion application

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