How To Do Velocity Edits On Alight Motion

The new feature that enhances the performance of Alight Motion Mod Apk is Velocity, it is a new feature that is recently added to it to improve the performance of Video editing.

When we want to edit the video speed adjustment is a common technique, some time you will speed up and slow the videos in video to achieve our Requirements. For doing it we need velocity features,

the Velocity Edits On Alight Motion was recently developed. Let’s understand through this information what it is and how can we use it.

What is The Velocity Edit Alight Motion Preset

Velocity edit is also a great video editing feature that is used to change the video playback speed at a certain second of the video in simple words we can say it is a feature that enables you to speed up and slow down a video simultaneously

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How To Make Velocity Edit In Alight Motion

The following are the simple steps involved in using velocity in Alight Motion Apk

  • Get the video ready, please ensure that you have added the Music, Filters, Stickers, and Anything that is required for you.
  • Please ensure about the animations if you settled the animation speed it may increase or decreases if the uses velocity features of Alight Motion Mod Apk Download.
  • If the video has different layers no need to worry, we can edit all layers that are included in the video
  • Select the layer in which you want to do velocity editing.
  • After selecting the layer you will see the graph option at the bottom of the left corner of your mobile.
  • Click on the graph it will go to setting there you will see sub-option like

Linear, Easy in, Easy out, Easy in, and Easy out

  • the above options or their importance to slowing down and speeding up the video

LINEAR –   it helps to move the object at a constant speed

EASY IN – this function helps to move the object slow in the beginning and fast in ending

EASY OUT – this function helps to move the object fast in the beginning and Slow in ending

EASY IN & EASY OUT – it is the mixture of Easy in and easy out we can make fast and slow the object whatever we need.

  • Select the above option to make speed up and slow down the video and save the option
  • Repeat the process for all the layers for speeding Up and slowing down the object.
  • Now you have successfully done velocity edit Alight Motion share and enjoy your video

Final Words

Alight motion is the current top Video editing app due to various inbuilt features. In final words through the above information, you can able to know What you mean by velocity editing and the step involved in using a velocity editing feature in Alight Motion Apk Download

Video editing now become a passion you can edit and make effective videos for attracting viewers, the Alight Motion Apk helps to edit the videos effectively, and velocity helps to speed up and slow down the objects in the videos that are having multiple layers

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