How Can I do Transition On Alight Motion

In video editing, Alight Motion Transition Preset effects are sure used to make your videos stunning and more attractive.

Video transition is the staple of video editing and motion graphics, it is also called transition effects, this is used to move from one shot to another shot. In general words, it can be called a cut or much more complex.

What is Alight Motion Transition Preset?

The Alight Motion Transitions Presets free download has so many features that Transition is also one of them. In alight Motion, we can easily edit the video by using transition features, as we discuss transitions are the video effects used between two or more clips for a better look.

The Transition effects help to create a next-level sensation to your video lets go of how to use Transition features in Alight Motion

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How To Apply Transition in Alight Motion

The following steps help to use the Alight Motion Transitions Pack

  • Step1:- First ensure whether you download and install the Alight Motion Mod Apk on your mobile phone. Click to the alight motion application and click on ‘choose file’ and select the path of the image or video and click on the video or image which you want to edit.
  • Step2:- tap on each image go to the transition menu and choose your desired transition effect that you want to apply on each image  (Note:- you have to select the transition for images separately )
  • Step3:- After Reviewing your videos or images
  • Step4:- Correct the mistake and export your video to your required format and quality
  • Step5:- Finally you have made a Beautiful transition using Alight Motion

Latest Smooth Transition In Alight Motion

The smooth transition is another feature that is a common and famous transition used in Alight Motion.

The following steps help to use Smooth Transition in Alight Motion

  1. open the Alight motion on your smartphone clicks on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom and select your design ratio and click on create the project
  2. Again click on the ‘+’ icon to import videos and images that you want to edit( you can also add a background or many things as your wish)
  3. Click on each image and video add effects and add blur leans
  4. Choose the curvature values and swing frequency up to 42
  5. Preview the video and save it
  6. Export video and enjoy sharing video to friend circle

Last Words

The Alight Motion is one of the best video editing apps compared to all other video editing apps. All the editors use the transition to attract viewers by editing video effectively they may be a different format, shapes such as cut, fade, dissolve, and, many more.

The above information can help to understand what you mean by transition and how to use transition and smooth transition in Alight Motion.

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